Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wah... 2 months no blogging...i damn lazy weh.. 

Everyday like sooo boring and also sooo nice!!Been 2 lots of great places...made heaps of frens... and had LOTS OF FUN!!!

Next Monday I'm going to have a Pertandingan Mendeklamasi Sajak in B.C. Wish me good luck!! I'll tell u abt it by then..  Gotta go 2 skul now... Bye!!!!     :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

~CNY 2010~

Day 2~Monday ( 15.2.2010)

Today my cousins balik kampung.I think they came today bcuz my cousin sister is celebrating Valentine's Day... ^^ Abt 12pm my family & i go to my mum's old playsite~Sungai Chior. The water is SUPER CLEAR & my mum caught some snails(balitong) to eat but it ended up in a container with water...

 My mum and dad...  ^^
 An old 'orang asli' house...Very weird... o.O
My dad found  some driftwood!..

Here's what we found...Some snails..and MOSQUITO BITES?!?!     lol

 *Sorry if the pictures come out 'gila-gila'..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

~CNY 2010~

Day 1~Sunday (14.1.2010) Valentine's Day

Ppl say that this year's Valentine's Day is covered by CNY. Yeah,that's true!Today my family & i balik kampung... When reach then already 8.30pm.. My aunt just came back from Australia wif her 3-month old baby girl~Angela Sarah~.Here's some of her pics~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~A luvly Thursday morning~

lalala...hihi!! I have soo many funny stuff to tell !!! Okay, once apon a time...

Yesterday's dinner is :FRIED CHICKEN. Why would I tell u that? Ok..I was eating chicken yesterday while watching tv while something terrible happened!!! I FELT SOMETHING HARD IN MY MOUTH!!! I spat it out and what I saw is......A BRACKET.(That means that little thingy in my mouth which holds the wires.)So I had to go to the dentist to stick it back.EWW!!! The dental smell is still in my mouth...eww..

One more thing! Today at rumah sukan practice we had lompat tinggi & lompat jauh.B sitting in the front row I somehow managed to escape from lompat tinggi when teacher said 'wajib melompat'. ( WTH is wrong wif the teacher?!?!?!)
Then we tried lompat jauh,with me ending up with muddy feet. (I am SO NOT going to tell u how I jumped today) so after the rumah sukan is over,Tammy & I went to canteen to wash our feet.I was going to say 'Let's get our feet clean' when suddenly I STEPPED INTO A POOL OF MUD!!!! ( hey stop laughing) ARRRRGGHH!! When we went to canteen,I STOOD ON THE BASIN AND WASHED MY FEET THERE. (IMAGINE,PPL!!)LOL!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorry for not blogging for so long..Just soo lazy larrh.. o.0

Yesterday I went to my aunt's house bcuz 1 of my aunts came back from Australia to celebrate CNY.She also brought her 3 month-old baby here.(Which is my new cousin)She's too sleepy so we can't take any pics..(Sorry,I'll put some next time.)

CNY hols are coming...I can't wait!!!Especially the angpaus...haha

Friday, January 22, 2010

I chose this colour for this post today because I suddenly feel soo light & breezy!!!I guess I should try waking up earlier next time!! LOL

   I tried waking up at 8 in the morning bcuz I promised to make PANCAKES for breakfast!!! This is what I came out with after 1 hour of hard work (& well earned too!!! )

-My sister having her breakfast..while watching her cartoons.. =='

-My pancake batch!!! :D

-Looks yummy,right?? (Below you can see a 'terbakar' pancake..Tat's what happens when you talk while cooking... lol)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi... It's ko-ko week and we're having mesyuarat agung every day (that means less classes) Until now i've got setiausaha in badminton & AJK tingkatan in Pandu Puteri.But all AJK's have to go perbarisan.. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!! I'm forced to be a olahragawati to gat rid of perbarisan now..
 Tuesday kena marah by discipline teacher and prefect teacher..Haiz..I didn't do anything!!!! Hello..But we still have to get scolded too.....Nothing to say..lolx
  Today morning went to rumah sukan practice and get TORTURED by running the whole school 2 rounds.Got 1 form1 super small-sized girl (idk hu is that)keep running faster then me!!(Seriously,she's just as tall abt half my arm) Hey,I was the 1st to start running & she's FASTER than me!!!She's like,um..running like crazy and asking the SENIORS to run faster & we're like,"Cikgu...dah tak larat dah..." WTH!!!!!I must know her name next time.. lolz  XDDDDDDDDDDDDD